Partial List of Gokube Clients


The global software powerhouse; from everyday standards everyone uses on a daily basis like Microsoft Office and SharePoint, to cutting edge technology like Azure Cloud Computing and the Windows mobile phone operating system Microsoft is touching our lives in important ways all the time.

Yammer (Acquired by Microsoft)

Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: “What are you working on?”
Yammer was founded by former PayPal COO David O. Sacks and officially launched on September 8, 2008.

Yammer’s management team includes seasoned industry veterans drawn from the ranks of PayPal, eBay, eGroups, Tribe, and other leaders in the software industry.

Informative Graphics

Viewing and markup software for a variety of document formats, drawings and images, including Java-based Web viewing, markup and collaboration.

The product suite transforms your email interface into a collaboration and social workspace, called ‘social email’, which is readily accessible to all business users.


Actiance enables enterprises to successfully utilize these collaborative platforms and resolve their real-time security, management and compliance challenges – from inbound malware and data leakage to regulatory and eDiscovery compliance to the need for a common policy and reporting framework for simplified administration.

Actiance ensures the secure and compliant use of UC and Web 2.0 technologies, including social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, internal and external blogs, and instant messaging networks for the enterprise.


AvePoint is a global technology company and proven software leader. Since 2001, AvePoint has become the world’s largest enterprise-class governance and infrastructure management solutions provider for Microsoft SharePoint, helping more than 8,000 customers. Fortified by our award-winning DocAve Software Platform and unmatched 24/7 global support, meet your dynamic business objectives with SharePoint.